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Asteroid Belt

(disk of orbiting planetoids/asteroids)

The Asteroid Belt is the region of the Solar System where Asteroids orbit, between Mars and Jupiter. The term is also used in a more general sense for regions of the solar system with smaller populations of similar bodies, so the "traditional" asteroid belt may be called the Main Asteroid Belt or Main Belt and an asteroid in them a Main Belt Asteroid (MBA).

Among the other asteroid populations (called Asteroid Families):

  • Trojan Asteroids (or just Trojans), orbiting in the Trojan Points, i.e., the Sun-Jupiter Lagrangian Points, L4 and L5. Smaller populations are in the equivalent points for other planets, so they are sometimes distinguished as Jupiter Trojans.
  • Near Earth Asteroids, i.e., rocky Near-Earth Objects (as opposed to Comet NEOs).

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