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Bouguer anomaly

(effect of terrain on gravity measurement on a planet's surface)

In geophysics, including gravimetry, the term Bouguer anomaly is for a gravity anomaly due to the local terrain's effect on gravity-induced acceleration. It includes the difference due to the free-air anomaly along with a difference due to the differing ground material and configuration around the point of the anomaly. The latter difference (i.e., the difference between the Bouguer anomaly and the free air anomaly) is known as the Bouguer correction or Bouguer reduction.

A simplified calculated Bouguer reduction, due essentially to the difference in nearby mass given the vertical difference in ground height, is termed the simple Bouguer reduction or incomplete Bouguer reduction, while one that takes into account more terrain detail is called the refined Bouguer reduction or complete Bouguer reduction.

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