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dense core mass function

(DCMF, CMF, core mass function)
(function describing range of masses of dense cores)

A dense core mass function (DCMF, or simply core mass function or CMF) is an unnormalized probability density function giving the occurring masses of dense cores. They are analogous to initial mass functions, and it is assumed that DCMFs, be they heuristic or theorized, must have a relation to IMFs. The relation between he two is a topic for further theorizing.

Similarly, a cloud mass function is such a function for molecular clouds and a clump mass function is such a function for clumps of higher density within a cloud but not considered a dense core. The density of the interstellar medium is observed to show a fractal nature through a range of dexes, i.e., a power law spectrum.

Note that the term mass function used here is not in the sense of a probability mass function, a function yielding the probability that some discrete random variable takes on a given value.

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