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(Deep Synoptic Array 2000)
(array plan to detect radio transients)

DSA-2000 (Deep Synoptic Array 2000) is a plan to deploy an array of 2000 5 meter antennas as a radio telescope to detect radio transients. It can be looked upon as an VRO for radio. It is to survey 0.7 to 2 GHz. A 5 year survey is planned with a cadence of 3-4 months, covering the sky above declination -30 degrees. Given the number and placing of the antennas and the survey's planned observation integration time, its imaging is expected to be deconvolution free (a clean image), i.e., a typical clean-up step in aperture synthesis radio interferometry consisting of a type of deconvolution will not be necessary. I believe the survey operation will be designed to detect and report on fast radio bursts in whichever area is under survey at the moment, with the expectation of detecting thousands of FRBs per year. Over the same five years, some time will be devoted to NANOGrav observations and be used for very-long-baseline interferometry observations. Two pilot phases are planned, located at Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVRO):

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