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Meter Size Barrier

(One Meter Barrier)
(a barrier to planet formation on the order of a meter diameter)

A Meter Size Barrier or One Meter Barrier is a size-limiting factor to the development of planets beyond the order of a meter in size. Some consider this a category including multiple types of barriers, since a number appear to bar growth beyond sizes ranging from a centimeter to a few meters. Some of them:

  • Bouncing Barrier - while specs of Dust might stick together when they meet, after a certain size, they seem more likely to bounce off each other.
  • Radial Drift Barrier - the interaction of objects within a Protoplanetary Disk causes inward migration. At an optimum size for migration, which is on the order of a meter diameter, all would seem to migrate into the star.
  • Fragmentation Barrier - collisions between the forming planets would be violent enough to break them apart.

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