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(1990s German space x-ray telescope)

ROSAT (for Röntgensatellit) was an X-ray observing satellite operated by the German Space Agency, launched in 1990 and in operation until 1999. Instruments:

  • XRT - X-Ray Telescope.
  • PSPC - Position Sensitive Proportional Counters (two on board).
  • HRI - High Resolution Imager.
  • WFC - Wide Field Camera.

Among the Surveys:

  • RASS - ROSAT All Sky Survey
  • RDS - ROSAT Deep Survey
  • RDCS - ROSAT Deep Cluster Survey

1RXS1RXS J160929.1-210524ROSATFirst ROSAT X-ray Survey
RDCSRDCS 1252.-2927ROSATDeep Cluster survey
RXRX J0720.4-3125ROSATROSAT observation
RXCRXC J0516.6-5430ROSATgalaxy cluster

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