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Square Kilometre Array

(radio telescope collecting a square kilometer)

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is a radio telescope interferometer array in development with receiver arrays in two regions of the world, one centered in Australia and the other in South Africa. The project is the work of an international consortium with other countries contributing.

Plans are to begin construction in 2024, with observations using a portion of it beginning in 2028, and construction completion around 2030. Plans are to eventually provide continuous coverage of frequencies 50MHz-14GHz. Plans are to bring it out in two phases: SKA1 and SKA2.

SKA1-low is a sub-project to build an array in Australia covering 50MHz-350MHz, using Low Frequency Aperture Array (LFAA) antennas.

SKA1-mid is a sub-project to build an array in South Africa covering 350MHz-14GHz.

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21mm14GHz58μeVbeginSquare Kilometre Array
6.0m50MHz207neVendSquare Kilometre Array

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