John Wobus - Contradance Pianist

I play piano for contradances and English Country dances. I've played at Glen Echo, NEFFA and other dances and dance weekends around the east with Contranella which is fiddler Megan Beller, multi-instrumentalist Charley Beller, and me. I also give piano workshops at Megan's fiddle camp.

I also play with Henry Jankiewicz and Curt Osgood as Fancy That, with Kathy Selby and Gordon Bonnet as Crooked Sixpence, and with other Central New York fiddlers and contradance musicians.

You can find me fiddling and playing piano at jams in Central New York. Currently I'm into Cape Breton music, so contact me if you are in the area and play Cape Breton fiddle.

Recent & Upcoming Appearances

Date/Time What? Place Caller
October 2, 2020
Cancelled due to COVID
Cooperstown, NY
Otsego Dance Society

First Presbyterian Church, Pioneer and Church Streets


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