Wobus Family Page

Wobus History from Olga Becker Wobus

This is a transcription of a paper I've had for some years: a typed, mimeographed Wobus family history produced by my Grandmother, Olga Becker Wobus.
-- John Wobus

(Note: I believe my Grandmother was mistaken about Mr. Bricar's wife's maiden name: rather than Marguerite Wobus, she was Marguerite Schneider. -- John)

Note that the underlinings are in pen and may well be my own. Years, ago, I noted at the top of the page:

c1974-1975 From Olga Wobus (Mrs. Theo Wobus) 2 pages

  I am compiling this from information gotten from your greatuncle Paul
who says that in the reports or records he read, the statement is made
that the Wobus family was well known in Switzerland before the days
of Ma rtin Luther, and that they were among the first protesters. (look-
ed in the dictionary to see whether that should be-tor or ter and find
that in one it says ter, and the other gives only tant.)

John David Heinemann  Wobus married a Miss Heinemann whose mother had
been a Hoch, a baker.Paul has a spoon on which is engraved D.Hoch, 1792.
  They had twelve children, of whm the  fourteen children, of whom
the twelfth was Reinhard Wobus, the first generation to come to the
new world.The 13 and 14th did not live.
    Mr. Bricar, an official of Basel City, married Marguerite Wobus
who was born October 9, 1830. He died as a young man and his wife re-
married. She married a Mr. Ostermann who had a son Paul.They had two
daughters , Elizabeth and Adele.
       Elizabeth married J.Adam Dewald in America.He was a Lutheran
minister.Her mother came to America to live with themtill her death
in 1915.
        Reinhard and a brother, Gottleib came to Americaand were in
the Seminary together, being ordained at St. Peter's ChurchWashington,
Missouri, in 1874.
       Two of their sisters married Missionaries; Sophie married a Rev.
Isele, and Clara, the family pet, married Rev.Sikemeier.Both of these
couples served inEast India, he thinks, though he is sure Rev. Isele
served there. Their children became missionaries and served   in all
various countries till the family was represented in every continent
except America and possibly Australia.
         Reinhard Wobus taught for a year at the Seminary, and during
this time taught two students whose daughters later married his sons;
Samuel Kruse, father of Plga Kruse who married Paul Wobus, and Hermann
Becker whose daughter Olga married Theodore Wobus.
          Leaving the Seminary at Marthasville, he entered the active
ministry at Naperville, Illinois.

Reinhard Wobus and his wife both came from Switzerland; she from Basel, and he from Sissach where he was born April 20, 1873 1853. He came to America with his brother in the late 1860's. In 1877, he returned to Switzerland to marry Adele Bricar on September 25, 1877. They came to America later the same year. It was then he began his pastorate in St Charles, Mo. at St John's Church. where he was still serving when he died, Nov. 5, 1894. Her mother caome to America to her daughter, Mrs Dewald in 1915 at almost 85 years of age, but died shortly after, befor ePaul could visit to get acquainted with her as he had planned to do. l ter He served the church in St . Charles, Mo., where he assisted Dr. Adolph Baltzer, the General Presi- dent of the Evangelical Synod. He also served on the Seminary Board, on the first Pension Board, and later became the Treasurer of the / Synod. He also took care of the books, certi/ficates, etc of Eden Pub- lishing House, which actually started in his home.He overworked himself, took a heavy cold, and died of complications, in the 1890's 1894, Nov.5. His wife, Adele, died at Deaconess Hospital Jan.5, 1940. Reinhard and Adele had five children, Marguerite Adele, born January 14, 1880, went to India/ as a missionary and served there from Dec. 1906 until 1950. When she retired, she made her home with Paul and his wife and lived there for 17 years. Her last years were spent at Emmaus in St Charles where she died, Aug. August 22, 1971. Reinhard, born Dec. 13, 1881, served many years as pastor in Sydney, Ohio, where he died in Feb. 1970, leaving a son and a daughter still in Sydney. Theodore was borh Nov. 3, 1884 and died Oct.9.1965. He mar- ried Olga Becker, May 5, 1914. They lived together over 51 years until he died. Martha Wobus was born July 3, 1887, and died in 1966, leaving 3 sons and 2 daughters. Paul Wobus was born Feb. 14, 1893. He lives in Concordia, Mo. with his wife. They have 3 children, of whom one is a minster in Con- cordia.