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Chirp Mass

(a reduced-mass-like quantity that relates to gravitational waves)

The Chirp Mass (Mc) is a function of the masses of two orbiting bodies that is related to the rate of energy transferred away through Gravitational Waves. Its role is somewhat like Reduced Mass: it encapsulates some calculation and is a relation between masses that some observations reveal.

Mc = ( m1 m2 )3/5 / ( m1 + m2 )1/5

The following differential equation approximately relates this value to the orbit's GW Frequency and its rate of change:

Mc = c³/G(5/96π-8/3f-11/3df/dt)3/5

This is the equation solved for Mc in terms of f and df/dt, the latter two being the values that can be measured from observation. (I assume the name is chirp mass because these two values are evident from a GW Chirp.) It is approximate because it is based upon the first term of a multi-term solution. Additional information is required to solve for the individual masses.


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