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galactic north

(galactic north pole)
(direction perpendicular to the galactic plane that's north of Earth's equator)

Galactic north (the galactic north pole) is the direction in the celestial sphere perpendicular to the galactic plane, a standardized plane used in the galactic coordinate system, the plane having been chosen as a reasonable estimation of the plane in which the Milky Way's disk resides. While the Milky Way's north pole could be thought of as through its central axis, but considering that axis as infinite, its "direction" for us is the direction parallel to the axis. The Milky Way "north" is the direction along this axis closer to Earth's north, i.e., with a positive declination.

In equatorial coordinate system, the most convincing data I find states that galactic north's epoch J2000.0 right ascension is 12 hours 15.4 minutes and its declination is +27.13 degrees. which calculate to J121524+270748.

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