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galaxy strangulation

(galaxy star formation stopped by a lack of incoming gas)

Galaxy strangulation is a term for one general type of galaxy quenching (the cessation of star formation in a galaxy) star formation stems from gas that has cooled, (cold gas) and the term galaxy strangulation indicates mechanisms that prevent such gas from entering the galaxy, so the galaxy forms some stars from cold gas it already contains, but eventually ceases star formation. The opposing general type of galaxy quenching is star formation feedback, pushing the gas out of the galaxy, presumably leading to a more rapid decline in star formation. The evidence that has been explored is metallicity within quenched galaxies: if many stars have the galaxy's peak metallicity, that is evidence that star formation ceased abruptly as if gas were removed from the galaxy, whereas a tail of stars with more and more metallicity suggests cold gas wasn't removed but disappeared as stars formed.

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