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Star Formation Feedback

(Feedback, Galaxy Feedback)
(mechanisms whereby star formation regulates its own rate)

Star Formation Feedback is mechanisms whereby Star Formation slows itself down. Often shortened to Feedback or referred to as Galaxy Feedback, or AGN Feedback or SN Feedback according to the mechanism. Sometimes other mechanisms that slow star formation are analogously referred to as feedback even if star formation is not the underlying cause. Stellar Feedback refers to that introduced by stars, i.e., SN Feedback and Stellar Wind, Radiation Pressure, and Photoheating.

The general idea is that gas sufficiently cold to become dense and collapse from gravitation is necessary to form stars. The stars, in turn Supernova and heat the gas, or fall into Black Holes, causing Jets, and heat, which in turn heats the gas. Thus star formation reaches a rate at which its heating effect balances with the general cooling. Such feedback (Outflows) from many stars can lower the Star Formation Rate of the whole galaxy for a time, after which Gravity might draw back the expelled gas and the SFR again rises. When the outflows are from stars themselves, this can form a cycle.

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