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(Infrared Telescope Facility, NASA IRTF, NASA Infrared Telescope Facility)
(Mauna Kea 3-meter infrared telescope)

IRTF (Infrared Telescope Facility, NASA Infrared Telescope Facility, NASA IRTF) is a 3-meter Infrared telescope in Mauna Kea, Hawaii operated by the University of Hawaii for NASA. It went into service in 1979. Instruments:

  • SpeX - medium-resolution Spectrograph.
  • NSFCam2 - 1-5 μm camera.
  • CSHELL - high resolution spectrograph.
  • MIRSI - 2.2-25 μm thermal imaging camera.
  • MORIS - Visible Light camera for Photometry and for guiding SpeX.


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