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equation of radiative transfer

(RTE, transfer equation, radiative transfer equation)
(equation describing energy transfer by EMR)

An equation of radiative transfer (or radiative transfer equation or RTE or transfer equation) is an equation that describes radiative transfer, the transfer of energy by EMR through a gas or plasma, taking into account the absorption and emission of photons by the gas particles. One form:

1 ∂      ^
— ——Iν + Ω˙∇Iν + (kν,s + kν,a)Iν = jν + 1/(4π) kν,sIν
c ∂t

Such equations are often used with approximating assumptions: equilibrium (no change over time), an approximation of the composite of all wavelengths (gray atmosphere, using the Rosseland mean opacity), a directional component (Eddington approximation) and/or that variation in the medium is in a single direction (plane-parallel atmosphere). These are used in models of stellar structure.

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