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Submillimeter Galaxy

(SMG, Submillimeter-Selected Galaxy, Dusty Star-Forming Galaxy, DSFG)
(galaxy that produces significant submillimeter radiation)

A Submillimeter Galaxy (SMG, or Submillimeter-Selected Galaxy or Dusty Star-Forming Galaxy, i.e., DSFG) is a Galaxy viewed mostly through submillimeter radiation. These include high Redshift galaxies. Specifically, the 850 um Flux density is generally greater than 3-5 millijanskies. They are very luminous because of Star Formation rather than because they are Active Galactic Nucleus galaxies. The spectrum typically seen is Black-Body Radiation from Dust grains and Emission Lines from the gas in the Interstellar Medium.

An SMG is typically a massive starburst high-redshifted Elliptical Galaxy.

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