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Taurus-Auriga Complex

(Taurus Dark Clouds, Taurus-Auriga SFR, Taurus-Auriga Region)
(nearby star-forming region)

The Taurus-Auriga Complex is a star-forming region (SFR) in the constellation Taurus, consisting of many individual clouds, including Taurus Molecular Cloud 1 and Taurus Molecular Cloud 2 (TMC-2). Variant terms are used for it, e.g., Taurus Dark Clouds, Taurus-Auriga SFR, and Taurus-Auriga Region. At 130 parsecs, it is the nearest SFR to us, thus is interesting to study. It is 30 parsecs across and contains 35,000 solar masses of material.

The Perseus Complex is adjacent, and they are often considered a single entity, i.e., the Taurus Auriga Perseus Complex. The designator prefix TAP, used for some stars within the cloud complex, found in an X-ray survey.

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/Lookback Years
~0130pc420lyTaurus-Auriga Complex
TAPTAP 26Taurus-Auriga Complexor Perseus Complex
Coordinates:Taurus-Auriga Complex

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