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William Herschel Telescope

(WHT, Herschel Telescope)
(4.2 meter telescope in the Canary Islands)

The William Herschel Telescope (or WHT or Herschel Telescope) is a 4.2 meter Segmented Mirror Optical/Near-infrared Reflector Telescope in the Canary Islands. It came into service in 1987 and is operated by the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes.


  • ACAM - Auxiliary-port Camera - optical imager/Spectrograph.
  • AF2 - robot fibre positioner.
  • WYFFOS - Wide field Fibre Fed Optical Spectrograph.
  • ISIS - Intermediate dispersion Spectrograph and Imaging System.
  • LIRIS - Long-slit Intermediate Resolution Infrared Spectrograph.
  • NAOMI - Natural-guide-star Adaptive Optics for Multi-purpose Instrumentation.
  • GLAS - Ground-layer Laser Adaptive optics System.
  • INGRID - Isaac Newton Group Red Imaging Device.
  • OSCA - Optimised Stellar Coronagraph for Adaptive Optics.
  • OASIS - Optically Adaptive System for Imaging Spectroscopy.
  • PFIP - Prime Focus Imaging Platform.

Former instrument:

  • SAURON - Spectrographic Areal Unit for Research on Optical Nebulae.

The Integral Field Unit INTEGRAL is/was used on it.

Another "Herschel" is the Herschel Space Observatory.

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