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F-type star

(type of star with about 1.5 times the mass of the Sun)

An F-type star is a star of the F-class, a spectral class for stars of around 1.5 solar masses and 1.5 times solar radius. They burn up their hydrogen in a few billion years. They have medium hydrogen absorption lines. Characteristics:

yellow-whiteconventional color
6200-7200Ksurface temperature
3-4.4absolute magnitude(visual)
1.4-5.1bolometric luminosity(solar)
1.6-6.8 billion yearsmain-sequence lifetime

F-type stars are somewhat Sun-like and a number are within 10 parsecs, making them candidates for observable extra-solar planets within habitable zones:

star distance type
Procyon A 3pc F5 IV-V
Pi3 Orionis 8pc F6 V
Chi Draconis A 8pc F7 V
Xi Ursae Majoris 8.8pc F8.5G0 Ve
Zeta Tucanae 8.6pc F9.5 V
Gamma Leporis A 8.97pc F6 V

(star type,spectral type)
290nm1.1PHz4.3eVbeginF-type star
387nm775THz3.3eVendF-type star

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