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51 Eridani b

(51 Eri b)
(Jupiter-like planet discovered in 2015)

51 Eridani b (aka 51 Eri b) is an extra-solar planet discovered through direct imaging in 2015 with the Gemini Planet Imager. It orbits about 14 AU from F-type star, 51 Eridani. As a directly-imaged object, data from observing it is useful in modeling apparently-similar objects orbiting closer to their hosts. The effective temperature derived through spectroscopy is 700 K, a temperature that requires explanation, given the star's luminosity and distance. Models of the planet that include clouds suggest a mass of about 2 Jupiter masses is plausible. The star's age is thought to be around 20 million years, which suggests a similar age for the planet, and constrains it to be no more than that.

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