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Hale Telescope

(5.1m reflector telescope in California)

Hale Telescope is a 5.1m (200 inch) Reflector Telescope at Palomar Observatory. It began operation in 1949 and was the largest reflecting telescope until 1976 when the BTA-6 was built. It is named for George Ellery Hale who orchestrated its construction.

The telescope has an Equatorial Mount, using a Serrurier Truss, a design that maintains optical alignment despite Gravity. The mirror is a glass (Pyrex) Monolithic Mirror made by Corning Glass Works. It is designed so it can function as a Cassegrain Reflector, a Prime Focus reflector, or a Coudé Focus Telescope reflector.

Among its current instruments:

Future plans:

  • CHIMERA - camera.
  • SDC - Stellar double coronagraph.

Instruments listed in the past:

  • COSMIC - Carnegie Observatories Spectroscopic Multislit and Imaging Camera.
  • Oxford SWIFT - Integral Field Spectrograph.
  • Four-Shooter - wide-field spectrograph/camera.


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