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Palomar 48 Inch Telescope

(P48, Palomar 48, Samuel Oschin Telescope, Schmidt Oschin Telescope)
(48 inch telescope at Palomar Observatory)

The Palomar 48 Inch Telescope (Samuel Oschin Telescope) is a 48 inch (1.2 meter) Schmidt Camera at Palomar Observatory in southern California. It opened in 1948 after nearly ten years in construction. It originally used photographic plates but now uses a CCD camera that covers a 4 degree by 4 degree Field of View, and was used to carry out the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey. A later Survey was the Palomar-Quest Sky Survey (aka Palomar-Quest Survey) of Transients. It is currently used for the Palomar Transient Factory, and automated.

(telescope,ground,visible light,reflector,California,automated)
PQPQOT015849-022627Palomar 48 Inch TelescopePalomar-Quest Survey

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