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Large Millimeter Telescope

(LMT, Gran Telescopio Milimétrico, GTM)
(large microwave telescope in Mexico)

The Large Millimeter Telescope (LMT, aka Gran Telescopio Milimétrico, GTM) is a 50-meter diameter telescope at Volcan Sierra Negra, Mexico, aimed at wavelengths on the order of 1mm, i.e., short microwave and long infrared wavelengths. It is situated at 4,640 metres (15200 feet) and detects .85-4mm (75-350 GHz) signal. At its location, only part of the year provides ideal observation. It does not approach the angular resolution of Atacama Large Millimeter Array but features a much larger field of view. Its first light was in 2011, and went into operation in 2013 using the inner 32m of the reflector, with 50m becoming operational in 2017. Its angular resolution at 1.1mm was 8.5 arcsec with the 32m reflector and 5.5 arcsec with 50m. The 50m size gives it the ability to detect a star formation of 10 solar masses per year in galaxies at high redshift. Instruments include:

A future instrument is TolTEC, a camera imaging simultaneously in three bands, which promises rapid surveying.

.85mm353GHz1.5meVbeginLarge Millimeter Telescope
4mm75GHz310μeVendLarge Millimeter Telescope

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