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Lyman series

(Lyman lines)
(hydrogen series from electrons settling from n > 1 to n = 1)

The Lyman series is ultraviolet spectral lines (Lyman lines) of the hydrogen atom as an electron goes from state of excitation n = 2 or greater down to n = 1. It is named after Theodore Lyman. (As opposed, for example, to the Balmer series for n = 3 or greater down to n = 2.)

Rydberg formula:

1/wavelength = RH ( 1 - 1 / n2 )

RH is the Rydberg constant for hydrogen, 1.09737316 x 107m-1 = 13.6eV / hc

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91.18nm3.3PHz14eVbeginLyman series
121.6nm2.5PHz10eVendLyman series

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