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Simons Observatory

(CMB observatory on Atacama Desert)

Simons Observatory (SO) is an observatory on the Atacama Desert with the aim of investigating the CMB. It has an altitude of 5200 meters, located at the site of the Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT). It took over ACT and the Huan Tran Telescope (HTT, the telescope on which the POLARBEAR instrument is deployed), expanding the latter into the Simons Array, with an upgraded POLARBEAR (POLARBEAR-2) and two additional similar telescopes. Four additional telescopes are under construction: a Large Aperture Telescope (LAT), a six-meter telescope with the same overall design as Fred Young Submillimeter Telescope but operating at 90/150 GHz, and three Small Aperture Telescopes (SATs), 42-centimeter telescopes operating at 27/39 GHz, 90/150 GHz, and 220/270 GHz.

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