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SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey

(SSS, SuperCOSMOS Sky Surveys)
(survey of stars and galaxies from legacy plates)

The SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey (or SuperCOSMOS Sky Surveys or SSS) is a survey producing catalogs by scanning legacy photographic plates from earlier survey efforts, using an automated plate measuring/scanning device named SuperCOSMOS, a scanning project carried out by the Royal University of Edinburgh (ROE). SuperCOSMOS was a follow-on to earlier plate measuring/scanning devices and associated projects, the first called GALAXY (for General Automatic Luminosity And X-Y), and the second called COSMOS (for Coordinates, Sizes, Magnitudes, Orientation, and Shapes).

Among the plates scanned are some from POSS, POSS-II, the UK Schmidt Survey, and ESO Schmidt Telescope surveys. The effort has revealed unnoticed nearby and high-proper motion stars captured by the plates, given survey-based designators, SCR, and SSSPM.

SCRSCR J1546-5534SuperCOSMOS Sky SurveySuperCOSMOS-RECONS nearby star
SSSPMSSSPM J1549-3544SuperCOSMOS Sky SurveySSS Proper Motion star