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Optical Interferometer

(interferometer of visible light)

An Optical Interferometer is an Interferometer for Visible Light, and/or nearby portions of the neighboring Bands, Infrared and Ultraviolet. Use of them is called Optical Interferometry.

Some research-telescope optical instruments incorporate Interferometry internally, e.g., a Michelson Interferometer in an Imaging Fourier Transform Spectroscope. Also, interferometry using a Grating rather than a prism qualifies. Gravitational Wave Detectors such as LISA also incorporate them.

Optical interferometers analogous to Radio and Microwave interferometers and arrays, e.g., Aperture Synthesis, for measurements and images with a very fine Angular Resolution have been created. There are challenges in designing, building, and operating them, otherwise they would be in more common use. Examples:

(interferometry,visible light)

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