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A-type Star

(type of star with about 2 times the mass of the Sun)

An A-type Star is a star in the A-class, a Spectral Class for stars of around 2 Solar Masses and 2 times solar radius. They burn up their Hydrogen in a few hundred million years. They have strong hydrogen Absorption Lines. Characteristics:

whiteConventional color
7500-9500KSurface Temperature
1.5-2.4Absolute Magnitude(visual)
9-24Luminosity(bolometric, solar)
.5-1.2 Billion YearsMain-Sequence lifetime
.6%Percent of main sequence stars

(star type,spectral type)
145nm2.1PHz8.6eVbeginA-type Star
290nm1.1PHz4.3eVendA-type Star

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