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Magellan Telescopes

(pair of 6.5m optical telescopes in Chile)

The Magellan Telescopes are a pair of 6.5m Optical Reflector Telescopes at the Las Campanas Observatory in Chile. They are named Baade and Clay after two astronomers.

Work includes the Magellan Planet Search Program using the MIKE echelle Spectrograph on the Clay Telescope, which also has MagAO, a secondary adaptive-optics mirror.

Instruments on the Baade Telescope:

Instruments on Clay Telescope:

  • MIKE - double-echelle spectrograph.
  • MagE - moderate-resolution optical echelette.
  • LDSS3 - wide-field multi-slit spectrograph.
  • PFS - The Planet Finding Spectrograph.
  • MEGACAM - large mosaic CCD camera.
  • MMIRS - NIR imager and multi-slit spectrograph (possibly decommissioned).

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